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A furlough allows a student to take a “leave of absence” from the Gifted and Talented program for specified reasons, and for a designated period without being exited from the program.

• The parent/guardian of the student may request a furlough.
• A furlough may be recommended by the ESD GT Coordinator due to the student’s unsatisfactory performance within the structure of the Gifted and Talented program.
• The ESD GT Coordinator must have a conference with the student and/or parents to document the need for the furlough.

*********************Written communication must be provided to parents ****************************
​• A Gifted and Talented Furlough form must be completed and must specify the length of time requested. *****************District policy prohibits furloughs longer than one consecutive year******************
• While on furlough, the student’s progress shall be monitored on a regular basis by a Gifted and Talented teacher using a variety of methods.
• At the end of the furlough period, the student’s progress shall be reassessed and the student may reenter the Gifted and Talented program, be exited from the program, or be placed on another furlough if the length of the first furlough was less than one year.

Students who have participated in the District’s Gifted and Talented program shall continue in the program unless their performance is not commensurate with expected abilities of Gifted and Talented students.  A student may be removed from the program when at any time the ESD GT Coordinator has had a conference with the student and the parent, and has documented the use of established exiting procedures.   Parents may also withdraw their student based on individual reasons


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