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Gifted & Talented Scope & Sequence

Strand One:  Critical Thinking Skills Process

Problem Solving

  • Perceiving

    • Observing, Comparing/Contrasting, Making Analogies​

  • Analyzing

    • Grouping, Labeling, Classifying, Categorizing, Ordering, Sequencing, Prioritizing

  • Patterning

    • Visual, Auditory, Language


  • Inductive/Deductive/Reasoning

    • Gathering and Analyzing Information, Hypothesizing and Formulating New Ideas

  • Judgement

    • Forming a Question, Consider/Analyze Responses, Cross Exam/Defend Ideas, Form Conclusions, Discriminate Between Fact/Opinion, Relevant/Irrelevant, Reliable/Unreliable​

Strand Two:  Creative Thinking Skills Process


Fluent Thinking

  • Producing Ideas

    • Brainstorming, Discussions, Debates, Current Events, Personal Opinions, Creative Problem Solving, Etc.

  • Accepting Ideas

  • Building on Ideas


Flexible Thinking

  • Speculating on a Situation

  • Adapting an Idea

  • Seeing Connections

Elaborative Thinking

  • Embellish Ideas

  • Refine Ideas


Original Thinking

  • Creating Ideas

  • Inventing Ideas

  • Envisioning Ideas

  • Refining Ideas

  • Reassessing Ideas


Strand Three:  Independent Inquiry/Research Skills Process

  • Technology

    • Word Processing, Internet Usage, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint/Slides, Multimedia Presentations, Podcasts, Digital Storytelling, Movies. Etc.


  • Research Skills

    • Selecting and Refining of Topics, Identifying Audience, Determining Possible Products, Using Research Methods/Materials, Gathering Information, Organizing Information, Presenting Original Products, Evaluating Outcomes

Strand Four:  Social/Emotional Process

Product Production

  • Kinesthetic

    • Construction, Demonstration, Drama, Games, Experiments, Simulations, Etc.

  • Verbal

    • Characterization, Demonstration, Drama, Games, Experiments, Simulations, Etc.

  • Visual

    • Brochures, Centers, Collages, Cubes, Designs, Displays, Drawings, Flip Books, Flip Charts, Maps, Journals, Graphs, Models, Photo Essays, Posters, Scrapbooks, Sculptures, Slideshows, Timelines, Videos, Etc.

  • Written

    • Advertisements, Booklets, Brochures, Comes Strips, Crossword Puzzles, Diaries, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, Notebooks, Pamphlets, Plays, Poems, Reports, Research, Songs, Stories, Travelogues, Etc.



  • ​Receiving

    • Accepting Assigned Tasks, Respecting Authority, Acknowledging Giftedness in Self and Others, Respecting Learning

  • Responding

    • ​Respecting Others and Their Rights, Displaying/Responding to Humor Appropriately, Using Appropriate Manners, Interacting Effectively in Group Situations

  • Valuing

    • Accepting Divergent Ideas, Tolerating Imperfection in Self and Others, Accepting Praise, Punishment, and Criticism

  • Interpersonal Skills

    • Exhibiting Self-Direction, Modeling Trustworthiness, Accepting Consequences for Action, Accepting Giftedness in Relation to Self and Others, Demonstrating Independent Action



  • Responsibility

    • Taking on Responsibility, Commitment and Follow-Through. Taking a Stand, Exhibit Fair and Equitable Behavior

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